Sources of Tree Seedlings

NC Division of Forest Resources
701 Sanford drive, Morganton, NC 28655-5618.
Toll free1 888-NC-TREES
Types: , Atlantic white cedar, black cherry, bald cypress, black walnut, blackgum, cherrybark oak, chestnut oak, Chinese chestnut, Eastern red cedar, flowering dogwood, green ash, hickory, laurel oak, live oak, loblolly pine, longleaf pine, northern red oak, overcup oak, persimmon, pond pine, red maple, river birch, sawtooth oak, shortleaf pine, sugar berry, sweetgum, sycamore, Virginia pine, water tupelo, white oak, white pine, willow oak, yellow poplar
American Forests, (Forest Policy Center, Urban Forestry Center, Global ReLeaf Center)
PO Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013-2000.
800-368-5748 on line:
25 Global ReLeaf trees for $25.00
Historic trees including:
Wright Brothers Red Cedar. $35. # 1147
Andrew Jackson Southern Magnolia. $50. #1728
National Arbor Day Foundation
211 N. 12th St. Lincoln, NE 68508;
National Tree Trust
1120 G Street NW, Suite 770, Washington DC 20005,
Seedling form available in January each year - trees must be planted on public land; also have tree seeds for schools

Pam Black, 1-800-344-0399,
Longleaf pine, loblolly pine, willow oak in boxes of 250. Cost: free.
Additional Tree Agencies and Resources

American Forests, (Forest Policy Center, Urban Forestry Center, Global ReLeaf Center)
PO Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013-2000.
on line:

Building Greener Neighborhoods: Trees as Part of the Plan.1995. $12.00. UFBLDG - home builders and renters have proven advantages of saving and planting trees.
Growing Greener Cities,Gary Moll and Stanley Young. 1992. $7.97 Code B152. - 128 pages demonstrates benefits of planting trees
CITYgreen. Code CITY. $5.00. Collection of articles on urban forestry
Cities by Nature's Design.$7. Code UFC-TYVD. 15 minute film covers tools for urban conservation
Action Guide (for Global ReLeaf)
25 Global ReLeaf trees for $25.00
National Register of Big Trees. Code BT(*REG. $7.95.
Famous and Historic Trees, 8701 Old Kings Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32219. 800-320 8733; FAX: 800-264-6869; web:
America's Famous & Historic Trees. Jeffrey. G. Meyer. Code 1845. $30.00
Silent Witnesses. Code 2601. $20. Video tells the story of America through historic trees.
Wright Brothers Red Cedar. $35. # 1147
Andrew Jackson Southern Magnolia. $50. #1728

International Society of Arboriculture
PO Box 3129, Champaign, Il. 61826

An Introductory Guide to Arbor Day, #
Arbor Day Booklet, #P1302, free
Avoiding Tree & Utility Conflicts,
Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction, #B1626,
Benefits of Trees, # B1615
Buying High-Quality Trees, # B1621
Trees and Turf, # B1614
Tree Selection, #
Plant Health Care, # B1617
Tree Values, #B1622
Mature Tree Care, #
Insect and Disease Problems, #B1611
New Tree Planting, #B1613
Treatment of trees Damaged by Construction, #B1627
Recognizing Tree Hazards, #B1619
Pruning Young Trees, #B1623
Tree Selection, #
Tree Pruning Guidelines, #P1223. $6.00
Pruning Standard, #P1228. 420.00
Tree Fertilization, #P1242. $20.00
Trees and Overhead Electric Wire: Proper Pruning and Selection, #P1220. $.75
Why Hire an Arborist?, #B1620
Why Topping Hurts Trees, #B1625

US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
PO Box 96090, Washington DC 20090

How Trees Help Clean the Air: Agr. Inf bulletin 412,
Air Pollution and Trees in the East:
Trees for Polluted Air. Publication 1230
America The Beautiful. FS-496
Plant a Tree for Your Special Occasion. FS-363
Your Tree's Trouble May Be You. Bulletin 372
A Tree Hurts, Too. Bulletin 396
Tree Decay: An Expanded Concept. Bulletin 419

National Arbor Day Foundation
211 N. 12Th St. Lincoln, NE 68508
Tree City USA Bulletins $3 each or set for $50

1How to Prune Shade Trees
2When a Storm Strikes
3Resolving Tree-Sidewalk Conflicts
4The Right Tree for the Right Place
5Living with Urban Soil
6How to Hire an Arborist
7How to Save a Tree During Construction
8Don't Top Trees
9Writing a Municipal Tree Ordnance
10Plant Trees for America
11How to Prevent Tree/Sign Conflicts
12What City Foresters Do
13Trees for Wildlife
14How to Kill a Tree
15How to Recognize/Prevent Hazard Trees
16How to Recycle Shade Tree Materials
17How to Landscape to Save Water
18Tree City USA Growth Award
19How to Select and Plant a Tree
20A Systematic Approach to Planting Trees
21How Trees Save Energy
22Tree City USA: Foundation for a Better Management
23How to Conduct a Street Tree Inventory
24Trees and Parking Lots
25Tree Line USA
26Understanding Landscape Cultivars
27How to Manage Community Natural Areas
28Placing a Value on Trees
29How to Plan for Management
30The Tree Myths to Think About
Tree City USA Annual Report

Shigo and Tree, Associates
PO Box 769, Durham, NH 03824-0769.
Phone: 603-868-7459. FAX: 603-868-1045

A New Tree Biology. 619 page book. Code A.
Tree Pruning. 192 page book. Code H
Modern Aboriculture. 440 page book. Code M
100 Tree Myths. 80 page soft cover book. $16. Code R.
Tree Anatomy. 104 page book. Code S
New Tree Health. 12 booklet. Code D
Caring for Young Trees. 12 brochure. Code L
Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines. Pocket guide. Code K
5 Minute Tree Care. 8 page booklet. Code O
Tree Hazards. Fold-out brochure. Code E
Touch Tree poster. Code G
Tree Basics ISBN 0-943563-16-x

NC Division of Forest Resources,
Box 27687, Raleigh, NC 27611
phone: 919-829-4141

Common Forest Trees of North Caroliana: How to Know Them - 97 page pocket manual
Does Your Community Have Tree Problems?
North Carolina Champion Big Trees
The Right Tree For the Right Place
Proper Pruning
How to Hire an Arborist
Tree Topping Hurts!
What You Can Do For Your Urban Forest
Why Buy N.C. Forest Service Seedlings?
North Carolina tree Planting Guide
Forest Tree Seedlings and How to Plant Them
Southern Region USDA Forest Service
1720 Peachtree Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30367
Technology Bulletins:
#1 Use and Misues of tree Trunk Protective Warps, Paints and Guards
#2 Tree Growth in the Urban Forest

National Tree Trust
1120 G Street NW, Suite 770 € Washington DC 20005,

Community Tree Planting
Growing Together
Partnership Enhancement Grant
Trail of Trees
Tree Facts

12601 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210

The Simple Act of Planting a Tree - Helping Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your World. TreePeople with Andy and Katie Lipkis. Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. 1990.

NC State University.

Identification of Southeastern Trees in Winter. Ag-42. $??. 113 page paperback book.
Pruning Trees and Shrubs AG-71
Residential Landscaping, AG-248
Planting Techniques for Trees and Shrubs, AG 508-4
Teletip tapes:
2590 Estimating the value of trees and shrubs
2635 Pine bark beetles
5111 Fertilizing trees and shrubs
5112 Mulching trees and shrubs
5114 Planting balled and burlaped plants
5113 Planting container-grown trees and shrubs
5117 Purchasing trees and shrubs
5120 Watering trees and shrubs
2598 Caring for a cut Christmas tree
5140 Crapemyrtle planting
5141 Crapemyrtle problems
5142 Dogwood planting
5143 Dogwood problems
5144 Pruning a mature tree
2581 Why leaves change colors
5120 Watering trees and shrubs
5145 Pruning a young tree
Additional Sources

Duke Power.
Healthy Trees Need Room to Grow. Form 260167

Penn State, College of Agriculture

Street Trees. U. Ed 5-770
University of Minnesota
Shade Tree Evaluation, Ext Folder 445

CP&L TreesSmart

Trees for the Carolina's

University of Kentucky,

Woody Plants Under Stress

Kansas State University.

All About Pruning Deciduous and Evergreen Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Groundcovers.

Clemson University

Trees and Overhead Electric Wires: Proper Pruning and Selection:

University of Florida

Planting Trees in Your Urban Forest;

Cooperative Extension, University of California
Affirmative action director, University of California,
Agricultural and Natural Resources, 300 Lakeside Drive, 6th floor, Oakland CA 94612-3560

Trees for Saving Energy A Guide for Homeowners, Leaflet 21485
Trees under Power Lines: A Homeowner's Guide. Leaflet 21470

Cooperative Extension University of Georgia

Treescape: A Citizen's Guide for Planting Urban Tree Plantings
Trees under Power Lines a Homeowner's Guide.

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 1971 Media Services

Suggested Practices for Planting and Maintaining Trees and Shrubs, Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication Info Bulletin 24
Pruning: An Illustrated Guide to Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. Bulletin 23

Chevron Chemical Company
Public Affairs, PO Box 7144, San Francisco, CA 94120-7144

Ortho "Celebration of Life: Trees teachers guide; film
Trees for a More Liveable Environment

The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers
232 Southern Building, Washington, DC 2005

Tree Values
The Tree Casualty Puzzle

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Tree Wound Response and Treatment. Pm-686e



Wildlife Management Institute
1101 14th St. NW, Suite 725, Washington, DC 20005

Helping Wildlife: Working with Nature. Delwin E. Benson. $2.00
Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

National Institute for Urban Wildlife
10921 Trotting Ridge Way, Columbia MD 21044
Series of 17 leaflets at $1.00 each

National Wildlife Federation
Laurel Ridge Education Center, 8925 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA

Minnesota's Bookstore
117 University Ave., St. Paul, MN 55155

Landscaping for Wildlife. Carol L. Henderson. 144 pages. $10.45?

Youth ************************************
National Tree Trust
1120 G Street NW, Suite 770 € Washington DC 20005,
The Treetures 1-800-863-7175. activity guide, coloring book, stickers, costume characters
Growing Greener Cities Education Guide. $30. Code GGCK - 13 lessons for middle school

American Forests
PO Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013-2000.
800-368-5748 on line:

A Tree for Every Child Learning Guide - 17 page activity guide and poster

International Society of Arboriculture
PO Box 3129, Champaign, Il. 61826

The Talking Tree #P1236 $8.95
Growing Together with the Treetures Activity Guide, #P1235, $7.95
Color Our Earth with Trees: The Treetures Coloring Book, #P1240. $7.95
Urban Forestry Laboratory Excercises, # 02006, $13.95

NC State publications

Adopt-A-Tree Album 4H M-14-24
Branching Out
Rivers Edge
tree id
Project Learning Tree