Nov. 12, 2001


by Erv Evans
Coordinator, Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program
N.C. State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

As fall fades into winter, the time becomes perfect for tree planting. North
Carolina Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners are planting Trees of
Strength to remember those who died Sept. 11 and to honor those who protect
and defend the country. You can join them by planting a tree in your yard.
Over the years, your investment will be returned in ways you might not expect.

By planting and caring for trees, you can help reduce pollution, lower
energy costs, improve your community's appearance and increase the value of
your property. Trees also can sooth and relax us and help us connect to
nature and our surroundings.

Here are just a few of the benefits that trees provide:

Trees also can serve as a living legacy for the next generation, linking us
to near and distant generations. That's the idea behind the Trees of
Strength campaign: creating a lasting memorial to those who died Sept. 11.

To find out more about the campaign, or about tree-planting and care,
contact your county North Carolina Cooperative Extension center. Or look on
the Web at .

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