State Flower

The General Assembly of 1941 designated the dogwood as the State Flower. (Public Laws, 1941, c. 289; G.S.145-1).

"The Dogwood is one of the most prevalent trees in our State and can be found in all parts of the State from the mountains to the coast. Its blossoms, which appear in early spring and continue on into summer, are most often found in white, although shades of pink (red) are not uncommon."

Our state flower is dogwood -- a tree. To add to the confusion the bill that designated the dogwood as our state flower, did not designate which dogwood was our state flower and did not include a scientific name. Most people have come to accept the native flowering dogwood, Cornus florida as our state flower.

Other dogwood species that will grow in North Carolina include the following:

    Alternate-leaved dogwood, Cornus alternifolia
    Bloodtwig dogwood, Cornus sanguinea
    Cornelain cherry dogwood, Cornus mas
    Flowering dogwood, Cornus florida
    Giant dogwood, Cornus controversa
    Japanese cornel dogwood, Cornus officinalis
    Kousa dogwood, Cornus kousa
    Pagoda dogwood, Cornus alternifolia
    Stellar hybrids dogwood, Cornus hybrids

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